Everything we do is aimed at improving stakeholder relations and building long-term capacities of people, companies and institutions. Our services are clustered in three different work streams:

1. Technical Advice: Social Impact Assessment and Management Plans

We have the expertise and experience to prepare:

 Social due diligence  Stakeholder mapping (identification and analysis)
 Social and human rights impact assessment  Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP)
 Resettlement Action Plan (RAP)  Grievance mechanism
 Socio-economic baseline (incl. livelihoods, poverty and gender analysis)  Community perception studies
 Community development agreement  Social investment plan / community development plan
 Community information material (non-technical guides, summaries, info sheets)  Participatory impact monitoring

2. Training: Social Safeguards and International Standards

For a broad range of clients, we have delivered trainings on:

 Environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA)  Stakeholder engagement and community relations
 Grievance mechanisms and grievance management  Land acquisition, resettlement and livelihoods restoration
 (Participatory) monitoring & evaluation  Business & human rights

3. Project and Social Team Management

For large and complex projects we can bring together the right people to manage a client’s social, community relations or resettlement team. Capitalising on the extensive project management expertise in our team and access to a wider network of world-class specialists, our associates are flexible to be embedded within a client’s team to fill certain expertise and skills gaps, on a short- or long-term basis.