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Our advisory services are tailored to the needs of any actor that wants to make energy, mining and infrastructure projects work in a socially responsible manner. For local communities and local governments, Timu improves awareness of the project life cycle and potential impacts and mitigation measures, helps prepare key representatives for early engagement with companies as well as assists them during negotiations and implementation of (community development) agreements. For international NGOs and other development partners, Timu offers a well-informed and locally trusted resource for strategic and programmatic/operational advice. Finally, for project proponents including private sector companies and national governments, the main benefits of working with Timu are that we help manage expectations to a more realistic level, ease negotiations with different stakeholders, and reduce project down-time due to protests and (violent) conflict, allowing projects to go ahead more efficiently and responsibly.

Our services are clustered in three different work streams:

1. Assessing Impacts and Risks

Our team is experienced in conducting stakeholder mappings, perception surveys, socio-economic baseline studies, conflict- and governance assessments, social risk due diligence and social impact assessments that give a unique insight in stakeholder capacities, relationships and trust levels as well as communication bottle-necks. But we don’t stop at the assessment report; based on clear, evidence-based recommendations we help clients to develop realistic and collaborative action plans, preferably ‘co-owned’ with other stakeholders to ensure agreed follow-up implementation.

2. Training and Technical Advice

Our trainings are tailored to the specific information demands and educational levels of participants, using interactive methods, incl. practical exercises, real-life cases and lessons learnt from comparable contexts. When trainings are over, people often have difficulty with applying their newly acquired knowledge in their daily work contexts. Through a number of practical tools we provide technical advice and coach people to integrate what they have learnt in their day-to-day work.

Our technical advice covers a broad range of topics, including but not limited to institutional and organizational capacity-strengthening, community-oriented civic education material, participatory impact monitoring, as well as the review and design of grievance mechanisms, resettlement and land access frameworks, community development agreements, community benefit-sharing mechanisms (incl. foundations, trusts and funds).

3. Project Management

For large and complex projects, we can take responsibility for coordination of community or stakeholder engagement, capitalizing on experienced project management expertise in our team and access to a wider network of world-class subject matter specialists. Alternatively, we can embed our team members within a client’s team to fill certain expertise and skills gaps on a short- to medium-term basis.